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Below are some examples of the care provided by your doula, and how it will impact your postpartum experience. It is the Lullaby Doula Advantage! When you are ready to book your free consultation, click here.

How I can help


Breastfeeding support

One of the most important decisions to make is how you will feed your baby. Almost in spite of its many benefits, nursing frequently presents unexpected challenges for both baby and the lactating parent. I will provide information and encouragement that will help you succeed. And if you find breastfeeding is not your thing, you can count on my support regardless!


Emotional recovery

Birth can be traumatic. It can also be magical. Whatever your experience, it's an emotional rollercoaster for the whole family. And when other guests just want to coo at your new baby, I am there to listen and help you process the whole story. How that story lives in you can impact your mental and emotional well-being for months or even years to come.


Cooking and cleaning

I love to cook delicious and nutritious food! You will likely not have the energy or the interest to shop, cook, and tidy up the mess, and you shouldn't have to. It is my pleasure to prepare food according to your dietary needs and preferences. 


Lullaby Baby

Babies  and children love to be sung to, especially before sleeping. It relaxes  and comforts them. Over the years as a nanny and a mother, I have developed a repertoire of over two dozen lullabies in at least five languages. I look forward to sharing these, and learning yours!


Physical recovery

Whether you have a c-section  or vaginal birth, your body will be working hard to put itself back together. Scars, tears, hormonal fluctuations, and sore muscles are just the basics. I will ensure you're getting adequate rest, and suggest comfort measures to promote healing.


Newborn behaviour and development

One of the most stressful aspects of new parenthood is learning to speak "newborn". Babies have so many cries, and their bodies are trying so hard to adapt to life outside the womb, it can easily overwhelm a person. I've been through it, and will gladly walk you through the nuances.


Health and safety

From safe sleeping practices, to baby walkers, to storing milk and everything else they don't teach you in school, my job as your doula is to empower you to be the best parent your child can have. Whether it's a funny colour, a funny feeling, or a fancy new gadget, I can help you decide when it's time to call the doctor, or show you how it works. This saves you hours of frustration on the internet, trust me.

Mother Holding Baby Finger

The first six weeks are a very special time to be together as a family, to just be present with your new baby, adjust to the changes in your life, and regain your strength and bearings... Allow yourself to be nourished by the wonderful energy that surrounds a newborn.

Rahima Baldwin Dancy, You Are Your Child's First Teacher

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