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Lullaby Doula Services - Pricing

Prenatal Visit

Included in any package

Sometimes it can feel overwhelming to think about anything beyond The Birth, especially when all your energy is taken up by being pregnant! That's where a postpartum doula can help. About two to four weeks before your due date, I will come to your home to ensure everything is ready for baby's arrival. This is a great time for you (and your partner) to ask questions and go over your expectations, as well as prepare you for the changes that will affect your body, your family, and your home. Rest assured that all of your fears, dreams and concerns will be heard without judgment! 

Baby Clothing
Mothers and their Baby

In-person Postpartum Care

$30 per hour*

The postpartum period brings new levels of exhaustion, overwhelm and feelings of isolation for parents. All of these experiences can complicate healing, especially if you have a traumatic birth. This is why some cultures have practices that allow new parents (especially mothers) to stay in bed in the weeks after giving birth, while other people take care of the cooking and cleaning! Rest is the best postpartum medicine.


 Once your baby is born, Lullaby Doula provides you and your family with hands-on help, nourishment, emotional support, and evidence-based guidance that allows you to focus on the most important job: getting to know your baby. My services are tailored to your unique postpartum needs, and my job is to empower your decision-making by offering compassion and information, no matter the situation.

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*Lullaby Doula believes that every postpartum family deserves doula support, regardless of financial situation. Please contact me to discuss available options.

Virtual Doula Support

Postpartum care at a distance included in packages

It can be reassuring to have answers at your finger tips, especially in the middle of the night. As a client, you can reach out to me anytime via call or text. 

In uncertain times some families may prefer to reduce the amount of exposure to outside contacts. In this situation, Lullaby Doula can offer daily video chats, as well as 24/hour call and text support, at a reduced rate. Although it is not hands-on, virtual care can be just as valuable to a parent looking for a non-judgmental listener, answers about nursing and lactation, or reassurance that everything is going to be okay!

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