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You deserve a doula

While you do the most important work there is, let a doula take care of YOU

The birth of a baby is a powerful, life-changing event.

The birth of a family takes time, and can be challenging in ways that may surprise you. Having a postpartum doula by your side during this precious time ensures your family is getting the support you need, when you need it most. Welcome to parenthood!  

Father with Newborn Baby
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About Me

How I became "Lullaby Doula"

Hello! My name is Emily Reynolds-Royer, and I am a postpartum doula. Trained by DONA International, I am a member of DONA and the Association of Ontario Doulas. I am a caregiver with over 15 years of experience supporting families in their homes, as well as in retirement homes. I've worked with children, adults with disabilities, and seniors. I also spent a year as a live-in nanny in Geneva, Switzerland, donc je peux vous offrir mes services en français !

In February 2021 I became a mom. During a pandemic. I know from my experience that the postpartum period can be extremely tough, for so many reasons... it's overwhelming! it's exhausting! And the people who love and support you may never have had a baby under similar circumstances and therefore have no idea what you really need! I want to give all the families in my care the nurturing and knowledgeable support I wish I'd had myself. Learning how to ask for help when I needed it has led me to the work I'm doing now, because becoming parents is not something we should do alone. I believe we owe it to our children to take care of ourselves, that is why I'm helping parents give their families a healthy start.

 It's important to me that people feel seen and heard by their care providers, so no matter how you identify, what you believe, where you come from, or what you're going through it would be an honour to be your doula!

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